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Wow guys well...hi. 

It's Been a while hmmm? Seems like I'm neglecting you all. 

First I'd like to apologise. First and foremost to the friends I've made on here. Guys you've all been amazing and...I missed you all in the time I've been away. The fact of the matter is... I've been stressed out with school and out of school activities. 

I won't give you my sob story but you know how it is. 

I'd like to now give you some news~ 

Well I dunno, y'all might not be interested but hey~

Just an insight to my life I guess:
I'm now an art student. Yep that's right. Little T has grown up hmm? Im doing my art gcse, just finished my fine art course and I've moved on to textiles. I prefer textiles. 

What can I say to you all? Some avid readers of The Visitor...I've put it all on hold. I try and write as much as possible but I've lost my drive and that's that...

I...this is probably my biggest news and the one I'm most excited about:

I have a girlfriend~ and dear lord if she isn't the best damn person alive then I don't know who is. 

So there you have it. 

I'm sorry I'm never on. But you can find me on tumblr or aim on my rp account but feel free to talk to me in character or just ooc if you want to talk. 

Aim: almightydivakeybum

Aim you need to send me a message or I won't see if okay

What else...oh yes. 

I actually logged on today with full intentions of apologising to some dear friends of mine and instead..,I was greeted with a crossed out name and a letter of departure but... Noodle-chan, I love you and I miss you okay, don't say I won't because damn it I have missed you these past months and I will miss you still. Stay fabulous girl, I miss you with all my heart. I'll write this in hope you might see or someone might tell you but seriously...stay amazing okay? Good luck with failed experiments, I loved reading as much as I did and you're gonna get places with that talent. Don't forget me okay? 

Stay strong guys, see you again...someday. 

Kat xx


Maknae Mini
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
The cake is a lie

Well hi! :D You may call me Fuwaffy... Or anything really...
I have many nicknames, Maknae (which I only realised a week ago is an actual word :p), T, MaknaeMini (my tumblr name), Cupcake but.. Call me what you wish :D

I am not entirely sane. That's always a good place to start eh? I'm in and out of therapy, for various "mental issues" something I resent and know only as my creative streak.

Most of my ideas, art and writing, come from daydreams. Unless they're fan art, then it's me sitting down and wondering how the hell I'm gonna do it.

So I write, I play piano and guitar, I sing, write songs and draw.

I'm currently writing a novel called The Visitor which is basically taking over my life :p

I'd you'd like to talk go for it ^^ I love making friends and... I guess I'm...not...that....boring.... :p

Feel free to check out my gallery, and if you'd like to see something in particular, then just comment down there and I'll try and get around to it! ^^

Now, you should check out these beautiful people:

:iconhammie-d: :iconamadeushopkins: :iconarysthae-niru: :icondevilkid-chan:

:icondeathbyshovel: is my wife. So yeah xD

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Hai, I know you're like never here anymore, but this is Dylan - I've moved onto this account now. :3
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I'm right hereeeeee~<3 I've missed you too omfgggggg we need to catch uo
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Hihi, it's been quite a while :aww: Please come back online soon.
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